Family Worship

I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you. ESV Genesis 22:5

Sunday morning can feel like a great day to sleep in, watch the Olympics, and just bum around the house with the family. After a week of going a million directions, taking time together as a family is incredibly important. However, more important than just being together is being together in the worship of God.

Did you know the first mention of “worship” in the Bible is by Abraham as he prepares to sacrifice his son Isaac? In the verse quoted above, Abraham exercises tremendous faith, because not only is he determined to take his son and worship (which will involve sacrificing Isaac), his faith is so strong that he believes somehow God will resurrect Isaac and both he and his beloved son will return to the servants. So much truth can impact us from these verses. First, we see the importance of worship in the family. Abraham could have opted for other forms of family time. He could have taken Isaac on a father/son fishing trip, sports activity, or breakfast. Instead he opts to worship with his son. Secondly, we see Abraham’s great faith and get a glimpse into how he passed this faith to his son. When we opt to sleep in, to skip church, to make worship a low priority, we shouldn’t be surprised when our children fail to embrace our faith. Abraham led his son to a sacrifice, and saw his faith greatly rewarded in his future generations. Finally, we see Abraham’s obedience. God called him to worship and he went. God has called us to worship as well.

Yes, in my flesh, I too would rather just sleep in this morning, relax around the house, and not worry about church. However, in my spirit I sense this will be a wonderful morning of worship with my family. Will it involve sacrifice on my part? Absolutely (though nowhere near the level of sacrifice Abraham had to make). Will the results be worthwhile? Absolutely. Just imagine if my children and future grandchildren embrace worshiping the Lord Jesus. That alone is reason to take them to worship this morning. I pray you too join me in taking your family to worship Jesus Christ with your church family this morning. If you don’t have a church home, may you Google one and give it a shot. Like Abraham, you won’t regret it.


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