God and Ice

He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs… ESV Psalm 147:17

As a snow lover, this winter in Maryland has been quite disappointing, so I take whatever I can get. Today we got a snow/sleet/rain mix that at gave a slight white tint to the grass and put a slushy coating on the roads. Altogether, it definitely made for a great day to relax around the house. With these events, I’m always asking myself what I can learn about God through the weather.

Psalm 147 describes God’s awesome power, and part of the description involves how he hurls down His ice like crumbs. Apparently God was eating a giant loaf of iced bread, and the crumbs that dropped from His table made up our amazing display of sleet and wet snow. When you consider the amount of ice that falls, the power to make this happen is nothing short of amazing–drawing our attention to our Creator in awe. Just think about this for a minute. One inch of water on one acre of land weighs 113.31 tons. (a little over 200,000 pounds). The forecast for today calls for a little over .5 inches of rain/sleet/snow, so on my 4 acre property, God will drop 400,000 pounds of water (2,000 tons). That’s 7.7 million tons of water in my county alone (a relatively small 213 sq. mile county by the Chesapeake Bay). That’s only one of the the probably 20 counties in our area getting rainfall today. God’s “crumbs” of ice weigh over 7.7 million tons…all of which he dribbles down from the sky. Put another way, that’s the equivalent weight of 21 Empire State Buildings…all that God dropped on our county this afternoon with no effort at all. If that doesn’t amaze you, I give up.

Isn’t it amazing how God’s power is displayed all around us? If we only would stop for a moment and think (and do the math), we would find ourselves blown away by His awesome power. May you take some time today to reflect on the weather and consider how great and awesome our God is. If you don’t believe in Him, perhaps this will give you reason to reconsider. Blessings my friends.


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