Christ at Work

…and give success to your servant today, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.” Now I was cupbearer to the king… ESV Nehemiah 1:11

Yesterday in church we considered the challenge of mental illness and all associated with it. To help us better understand the the nuances of mental health, we brought in a Christian counselor to guide us through some practical steps of dealing with depression and anxiety. When she introduced herself to the congregation, she shared that she worked at a secular counseling center, yet had been given great freedom to share her faith through her work. While she’s not able to ask people to receive Christ, she can share the gospel, encourage them to find a church and urge them to consider the spiritual side of their lives.

In our culture today, I think we too often feel as Christians we aren’t allowed to be a witness for Jesus at our work place. However, this is a lie from Satan that couldn’t be further from the church. Yes, we are employed to do a job. However, as we do our work, God may open doors for us to advance His kingdom, even if it doesn’t explicitly involve sharing the gospel. Joseph used his position to secure his family’s well-being. Nehemiah used his to secure resources to rebuild Jerusalem. Esther used her position to save her people. Daniel used his position to witness to the most powerful men alive and point them to God. We must not fear the opportunities God places before us as at our work. While we may not lead Bible studies on company time or lead all our co-workers to the Lord, it doesn’t mean we can’t be a powerful witness.

A good friend of mine used to teach 4th grade in the public schools. While she didn’t explicitly share her faith, she tried to ensure the biographies they read were of believers. She would also take every opportunity when kids asked what she believed to tell them. Another friend asked a question about faith in a public forum, enabling deeper conversation. Mike Pence especially seems to be able to witness effectively in his position. I’ve been quite impressed with how he displays his faith in a very difficult calling. God placed you in your workplace to glorify Him. Do it well!


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