Following God in Faith

…He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. ESV Isaiah 22:22

My wife and I are learning a lot about our God right now as we follow Him on an adoption journey. Over the last few weeks He has really spoken so much to us and we are tentatively following Him in faith. It’s been an interesting journey to be sure, one that has caused us to constantly reflect on what He has done thus far and what we believe He will do in the future. Several key passages of Scripture have come to mind on this journey, and I wanted to share one of them this morning.

As I reflected on what God has been doing most recently on this journey, I thought of the verse in Isaiah quoted above. The passage refers to God’s servant, but the servant is clearly acting with the power of God, so I think in context it’s fair to say the verse describes how God works. When He chooses to open a door, no man on earth can shut it. When He chooses to close a door. No one and no thing can open it. This idea comforts my wife and I as we search for the kids God has in mind for our family. God knows the sibling set He has for us. No one can stop that match from being made. It may seem for a while like a door is closing, but God is the one who ultimately determines if it is closed. Up to this point, we have watched Him open door after door. We felt the call to adopt again over 5 years ago, but knew the time wasn’t right. Three years ago he provided a house large enough for the adoption. 18 months ago, He opened the door to the right agency (so many other doors had been closed). Then He opened the door to the required training, and provided the initial financing needed. Now we wait for Him to open to door to the right kids. There is a group of siblings we feel strongly drawn toward, yet that door seemed to close last week. Until God reminded us that only He can fully close doors.

We aren’t quite sure what that means, but at this point, we feel compelled to continue to pray in faith for these particular kids. God knows! (Taken from the end of Exodus 2…that was our prayer on this house…God did know, and did provide). I don’t know what doors are before you in your life, but may you be encouraged that only God can open and shut them. May your pray with earnest expectation as you await His awesome work.


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  1. I really appreciate your honesty here. It’s often so hard to answer God when we feel He’s leading us toward something–I’ve felt ready to give up when a calling feels too challenging or time-consuming. But God will reward that diligence and faithfulness, as I believe He will reward yours! I’m currently writing about how God works when we reach out across cultural and religious borders, and sometimes that stretch hurts. Yet I trust that God will use that experience to grow me. I pray He does the same in your adoption endeavors!

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