Reclaiming the Day

…making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. ESV Ephesians 5:16

Haha, I try to have my blog posts up by 6:00am. Today, I’m writing at 10:07pm… what happened? Well, as often happens on Fridays, the kids thought it was an easy school day, my wife was up half the night due to a coughing child, we were all cranky and the day nearly was hijacked by the enemy. Not that any of you ever have days like that, right? My wife and I had planned on having a relatively easy day, including a few hours at in the afternoon. As the afternoon slipped away, I finally had to just drop the school and work things I was working on, grab her hand and run away to Panera for a few hours. There we pulled back, discussed our spiritual lives, and refocused our day.

When we returned home, we prepared a Sabbath meal, set the kids up with movies, spent some time relaxing, and now I’m finally blogging as I finish the movie with my boys. The day is ending well. How did we get to this point? We made a conscious effort to reclaim the day. We determined the enemy wouldn’t win today. He has been lobbing attacks at us all week, but by God’s grace, we stood firm and resisted. By taking a few hours to refocus, we were able to enjoy the rest of our day, spend time with the kids and finish the day to the glory of the Lord.

While it’s not always easy, it’s important when things begin to go off the rails that we pull aside and reclaim the days. The days are evil, the enemy will attack. Things will be challenging. But we have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. We have a Lord who has defeated the enemy. We have a God that reigns supremely. When our days begin to fall apart, we must cling to the gospel and allow the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to enable us to redeem the day. Let’s make the most of every time. Pull back when needed to refocus on Christ. Then you can live every day to the fullest.


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