Experiencing God’s Presence

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? ESV Psalm 139:7

When was the last time you felt God’s presence? Was it during a church service or worship conference? Perhaps in your daily quiet time or on a retreat. Maybe it was watching a sunrise or sunset, or just meditating on God’s Spirit and presence. Regardless, I hope there has been a time in recent memory when you experienced the presence of God.

As we ponder God’s presence, we often feel we need to go to a special place (mountain top, beach, etc.) or event (worship conference, church, etc.). While both places and events are powerful avenues to connect to God’s presence, the verse above reminds us God’s Spirit is truly everywhere. Our real challenge is not to find God’s Spirit and presence, but to simply sit still long enough to experience Him. So often in our churches we work so hard to manufacture the presence of God, and we fear the least distraction will remove God’s presence. If the slides don’t advance, or a song doesn’t transition well, or the pastor forgets his point, all experience of God’s presence is lost. In reality, while we may lose our focus, God is there (He’s always there), and we have only to stop and refocus on Him to enjoy His presence. May we realize this truth and be deeply encouraged.

I share this because I’m just arriving home from my own church, where we had one of our worst Sundays in regards to technology glitches. However, we also had one of our best Sundays regarding the felt presence of God. He was clearly moving in and among us. I’m just thankful for the reminder that He is always near, and we have only to stop and recognize His presence. I pray today you too feel His presence. May the good news of Jesus Christ bring you peace.


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