A Preferred Future 2

Then Jacob called his sons and said, “Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in days to come.” ESV Genesis 49:1

Last Tuesday we considered the power of spoken blessings and made the Biblical case for them. Today we will consider how to craft spoken blessings over our children. It’s not a mystical of a process as it may seem at first.

First, consider the name of your child or grandchild. They will hear this the most in their life, and on one level, their name will be their core blessing. If you haven’t named your child yet, carefully consider the meaning of their name. Don’t just choose a name that sounds cool or is popular. Kids most often will come to represent the meaning of their name, so just be being aware of this and working that into your blessings you are off to a strong start. Second, consider the personality and history of the child. As their parent/grandparent, one of the strengths of your authority is your ability to look at their entire life and note their strengths and weaknesses. Where have they excelled? Where have they struggled? How does their personality shape them? What will this look like in the future? You can draw from your personal experience to know how these things will impact them. Is your child a strong leader? What will that look like in the future? Do they struggle to manage their anger? How will that impact them? When Jacob blessed his children, he drew from their life experiences both good and bad and pointed out how those things would continue to shape them in the future. In this way, you are helping your children know who they are, both good and bad, and once we know ourselves we are much more sure of our future. Finally, spend time in prayer asking God to reveal His preferred future for your child.

When you combine the meaning of their name, your observations of their past and personality with the things God has revealed through prayer, you have a powerful blessing! Speak it daily into your child or grandchild and you will see it come to pass. May you seize upon this amazing opportunity God has given you to shape the preferred future of your children and grandchildren. Don’t assume you have no influence! Seize your influence and thrive.


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