A Preferred Future

Then Jacob called his sons and said, “Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in days to come.” ESV Genesis 49:1

We often reject the idea of spoken blessings. After all, how can anyone shape the future? Only God can determine what will happen, so we reason that anyone else who attempts to pronounce blessings or curses is merely wasting words. However, as I read the Scripture, I’m coming to the conclusion that not only are spoken blessings powerful, but especially in the lives of our children, they are a sacred responsibility. In blessing our children we have an opportunity to speak to their preferred future.

God teaches us three things about blessings in the Bible. First, the spoken word holds great power. Don’t believe me? Then why do we remember the hurtful words spoken against us? Why do the hurtful words spoken by our parents and step parents continue to haunt us years later? Why do encouraging words continue to motivate us years later? God designed words to be powerful, and speaking affirming words to our children will significantly impact them. Second, we must embrace our spiritual authority as parents. Because God has placed us over our children, He has also granted us the power to speak truth to them. To ignore this power is to reject a core component of how God has created us. We should prayerfully and carefully consider how we will use our authority to craft blessings over our children. Finally, and most humbling, we must realize God respects the authority He has given us and often works through it. Regarding church discipline He states that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. It’s amazing that God offers to bring His power to enforce our decisions! Somehow as parents, we have the opportunity to speak words over our children that God will bring to pass. Numerous examples of this appear throughout the Bible. Let’s embrace this opportunity!

Considering the power of our words may weigh heavily on us. But when we consider the power of spoken blessings as one of the greatest tools in our parenting arsenal, our confidence and competence in parenting grows. May you embrace the opportunity to shape your children and grandchildren through the power of spoken blessings Speak truth to them at all times.


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  1. As a father, I can appreciate the power of blessings (and curses). At my best, I encouraged my daughters to be who they were called to be. At my worst, I fashioned them into an image of who I wanted them to be. I trust God to guide them from here, confident of his blessings.

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