Getting Away

Come, my beloved, let us go out into the fields and lodge in the villages ESV Song of Solomon 7:11

Talking last night, my wife and I realized it had been going on three years since we had an overnight getaway together without the kids. While we used to do this semi-regularly, the time had gotten away from us, and we hadn’t made it a priority for too long. Hence, we immediately began to plan a short getaway at the beginning of March. While we date once or twice a week (especially now that our oldest is old enough to watch the kids), getting away for a few days is still incredibly important.

In Solomon’s Song, his bride urges him to come away with her into the fields and villages. Presumably she wants to escape the typical pressures of palace life and work and find a bed and breakfast of sorts in the country. We learn so much from their relationship as they share their story. For one, it’s obvious they have a healthy marriage and are deeply in love. Perhaps these retreats are the key to keeping marriage strong. Don’t wait until you have a crisis point to get some time away! Secondly, recognize there are certain things you can only do over a few days and away from work, kids and the pressures of daily life. It’s great to talk things through on dates, but to deeply connect, unwind, and really enjoy each other, you need more time and fewer distractions. It’s easy to leave the kids for a few hours, but harder to leave them for a few days. However, it’s probably necessary if we want to have a marriage as strong as Solomon’s.

When was the last time you got away for a few days? Years? Never? What barriers prevent you from pursuing a weekend together (without the kids). While I agree this can be difficult, some of my happiest memories with my wife have been from times away. Make sure you schedule these in so your marriage can thrive and strengthen.


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