…remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” ESV Acts 20:35

Oh the joys of the last weekend before Christmas! We rush around like mad buying last minute gifts for our spouse, children, and extended family. Then you add in all the teachers, co-workers and other obligatory gifts and we can quickly lose the joy of Christmas. Our consumer culture urges us to buy more and spend more and give more, and to be sure, we should push back against a certain element of this. However, there is a certain aspect of radical giving that flows from the heart of the gospel.

For God so loved the world He gave… Herein lies the heart of our generosity. Christmas celebrates the greatest gift ever given, and for that reason we should embrace a spirit of radical generosity. We do need to ensure we aren’t giving to merely keep up with the Joneses or to pacify our conscience or make ourselves feel like good parents. However, when we recognize God’s generous gift toward us and in turn respond in generosity toward others, we have an awesome opportunity to share the gospel. What better way to teach our kids the gospel than to present them with a variety of gifts and remind them of God’s generosity to us. In this way, we can keep Christ in Christmas.

For me, the most encouraging thing is that all of my kids are now responding in radical generosity toward others. They are giving gifts to their friends and others. At first we tried to discourage it since their friends don’t need anything. However, we realized this might be the Holy Spirit working in their hearts so for the most part we encourage it. May you engage in radical generosity this Christmas as you show Jesus to the world.


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