Enjoying Life

Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil- this is the gift of God. ESV Ecclesiastes 5:19

Yesterday I wrote of some of the ways I am different. Ways that God has led my family to sacrifice for His kingdom. I tried to stress these things alone don’t make us spiritual; neither does God expect others to make these same sacrifices. In an attempt to balance things, today I wanted to share some of the ways I enjoy life.

I am blessed. We have season passes to Six Flags, which we really enjoy with our kids. My wife and I watch Netflix together nearly every night. We have chosen not to have cable (to save money), but we do choose to enjoy watching shows. I enjoy a $4 coffee from Starbucks or Panera usually about once a week. I can’t justify it daily, but I don’t boycott the institutions. I have more shoes than my wife (embarrassing :-)…and have asked for more for Christmas). We bought a newer Nissan NV rather than an older Ford F150 passenger van because we could afford it (a lot of it was the safety rating of the Nissan, but still we could have bought something cheaper). We enjoy our pool every summer, and nearly every Sabbath finds me lounging under the umbrella reading while I watch the kids play. We have more laptops, phones, tablets and screens than we have people in our home (x2).

God has been good to us, and we try to enjoy the gifts He has given us. Yes, in many ways we save and sacrifice to invest in the kingdom, but in other ways we relish the life He has so graciously provided for us. Herein lies the beauty of spiritual formation. The Holy Spirit in each of us will lead us in the ways we are to walk. This includes sacrifice at times and enjoyment at times. We just follow where God leads.

How about you? Are you enjoying the life God has given you? He calls us to enjoy the fruit of our labor, and every good thing we have comes from Him. If we are sacrificing in the ways God calls us to, we can rejoice and enjoy the things He gives us. We seek to keep these things in balance as we serve our great God.


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