Happy People

And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? ESV Matthew 5:47

Since my brother and his family are visiting us for Thanksgiving, we decided to be crazy and hit the Smithsonian this morning (hoping to avoid the crowds). Little did we know thousands of people were doing a turkey trot across the mall, tying up all the roads. As we encountered yet our third closure/redirect, I rolled down my window and hastily asked the cop who was beckoning us to turn right how to get to the Smithsonian. She responded with “Good Morning!” I quickly repeated my question, not wanting to block traffic. She responded with “Good Morning!” Finally, I caught on, smiled and said “Good morning!” She smiled back and asked what my question was. I repeated it for the third time, and received a friendly reply and directions. I wished her a happy Thanksgiving and drove away blessed.

I have no idea of her spiritual condition, but I know this: she positively impacted my day. Those few moments reminded me that caring for others was more important than getting things done. Yes, I’m friendly to my family, but to the traffic cop? But isn’t that exactly what Jesus was challenging us in the sermon on the mount? Unbelievers are friendly to their family and friends. We should learn from this DC police officer and be friendly to everyone we meet. After all, Jesus has changed our lives, and as such, we should seize every opportunity to bless others. It may just open up doors for the gospel.

A DC cop positively impacted my life today. How many lives did I positively impact? I saw hundreds of people at the Smithsonian. I’ve texted a few others and browsed some Facebook. Every interaction is a possibility to share the love of Christ. Let’s seize these opportunities and bless others!


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