Finding Common Ground

We must all die… ESV 2 Samuel 14:14

My life is harder than your life. Or so I tell myself to make myself feel good. I suspect you believe your life is harder than my life. Or so you tell yourself to make yourself feel good. And while we may chuckle at this, I suspect there is a voice in each of us that says “But my life really is harder because….” Why are we so obsessed with our life being the hardest? When asked “How’s it going?” why don’t any of us respond with, “Couldn’t be better, I’m so relaxed and loving life right now”? Sin ruins relationships. Sin divides. Sin separates us from each other, drawing us into our own little worlds of stress, shame and despair.

Hopefully you know the gospel conquers these little worlds. Focusing on the gospel reminds us we are all sinners and we all die. That means some of my life stress now results from my sin, and some of your life stress is a result of your sin. We are both sinners, so we really should be friends rather than trying to convince ourselves we are somehow superior to one another because our life is more stressful (or envious of one another because your stress seems easier/better than my stress). Sin brings death. We will all die. So we might as well encourage each other along the journey! Jesus died for me. Jesus died for you. If Jesus died for both of us, again, we have things in common and can relate. The life I live now, I live by faith in Jesus who loved me and gave Himself for me. Do you? Haha, we just found more common ground. Bit by bit, we are defeating the sin that divides us and finding hope, life and relationship through the gospel.

The gospel radically changes us, forming strong relationships between us and other believers as we unite around Christ. Note the common ground noted above doesn’t depend on age, race, gender, marital status, socioeconomic status, etc. When we share the gospel with others, we can find common ground through sin…we are all broken, lonely, and scared of death. We are trying to please God, usually through good works. Today may the gospel enable you to find common ground with your fellow humans rather than drowning in your own sinful self-centeredness. That’s true spiritual formation.


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