Soul Work

For God alone my soul waits in silence… ESV Psalm 62:1

I was paying my health insurance the other day when the representative told me my payment was for October. I quickly asked her if that was correct as I was trying to make my November payment, and she concurred, admitting the months were flying past and she still thought she was in October (on November 6). I laughed and admitted I still think it’s 2016, when in reality we are weeks away from 2018. Life is a blur. Hours melt into days turn to weeks pass to months and then the year is gone. Aspirations I had disappear. Life becomes about survival. Life’s not bad: I have a great wife, kids, job, friends, etc. It’s more that I’m just not sure of the state of my soul.

For that reason, I try to take time every Saturday to reflect on the state of my soul. These are some of the steps I take to ensure my soul is healthy and spiritually strong:

  • Wait for God in silence. Daily time with God is critical. If you can’t get it during the week, at least get it on the weekend. Take some time to just quiet your mind. Spend time in His Word, even just reading a few verses. Pray. Wait. Be still
  • Journal. While I don’t journal nearly as often as I would like, writing forces my mind to slow down long enough to put coherent thoughts together and search my soul a bit.
  • Work out. For me, a good run restores my soul. It works out my stress and leaves me settled before the Lord.
  • Play. Wrestling my kids, doing yard work (fun for me), enjoying time with my wife. When I play hard, it distracts me and allows my soul time to breathe and heal
  • Be real. Sometimes I need to grieve. Other times I need to acknowledge stress or failure. We are so good at keeping up appearances that sometimes we deceive ourselves. Giving my soul freedom to express its condition is freeing and cathartic.

Perhaps these few ideas can help you monitor the state of your own soul. Satan tries to keep us busy enough that we fail to monitor our souls. Don’t let that happen to you. Allow God to restore your soul and lead you into the life Jesus gives us in the gospel.


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