More Than We Realize

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace… ESV 1 Peter 4:10

If you follow this blog, you know Fridays are the days we consider our time, money and other stuff. Perhaps because of the American dream and the advertising that constantly bombards us (or perhaps our sin nature), our natural inclination when it comes to these things tends towards achieving more and focusing on ourselves. However, by God’s grace, I’m slowly realizing I have more than I realize and that perhaps instead of focusing on gaining more money, finding more personal time and bettering my home, car and other stuff, God is calling me to invest these things in others.

Hence the scripture above. Each of us has received a gift from God. And yes, we should maximize that gift. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a better job, more salary, etc. but that is not our primary focus. Our primary focus with our time, money and stuff is to serve one another. For that reason, my money is to be invested in the kingdom, not myself. My time is to be used for others, not myself. My home is to be used to bless others and make disciples, not merely enjoyed for myself. I am called to be a steward of God’s varied grace.

Let me share two examples. I pastor a “small” church. We run about 180 people. For the longest time we felt we needed to grow to a “big” church before we could really help others. However, God has brought several church plants (that run 30 and 70 people respectively) as well as an older church that runs 10-12 people across our path. Suddenly we realize God has blessed us richly and we have a lot to offer. As stewards of God’s varied grace, we are beginning to pour the resources He has given us into these other churches instead of into ourselves. At home, God has blessed me with four acres, a pool, trampoline and decent sized home. Yes, I can sit by the pool and enjoy my life, or we can host growth groups, adopt more children, and lead the trick-or-treat parade to meet neighbors. Yes, others have a nicer home and make more money than I do, but I have more than I realize, and I want to invest it in God’s kingdom. How about you?


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