God Sends Rain

Rain in abundance, O God, you shed abroad; you restored your inheritance as it languished ESV Psalm 68:9

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon (leaving on a youth retreat shortly), and the forecast calls for hard rain all day Sunday…so here’s hoping you are reading this in the rain 🙂

Did you know the Bible mentions rain over one hundred times? Mostly in the Old Testament, but a little in the New. Rain appears in Genesis and Revelation and nearly everywhere in between. Every so often, it’s good to pick a random word, study it throughout Scripture and see what we can learn about God. So on this rainy day, get a cup of coffee, curl up under a blanket, and ponder what we learn about God in the rain.

The first rain was sent in judgment at the flood. We see similar, though less devastating, destruction in the rains of hurricanes. Perhaps enormous rains serve to gain our attention. We also see God withholding the rain in judgement. He did this for Ahab, and the last mention of rain in the Bible refers to the prophets in the end times who will withhold rain on the earth. Perhaps in the droughts we should search our personal souls and the souls of our communities for sin and a rejection of God’s lordship. In Hebrews and Isaiah, we see rain always accomplishes growth…similar to God’s Word. Finally, Jesus reminds us rain shows God’s universal grace as He sends it on the just and unjust. Putting these thoughts together on rainy days reminds us that God’s grace is raining on us, and that just as this rain will accomplish growth in the plant world, so God’s grace will accomplish growth in our lives. At times, God’s judgement is seen through His rain, but most often, we see His grace.

On this rainy day, may your thoughts turn toward God. May the changes in the weather draw our hearts toward God and guide our spiritual formation. God speaks through His creation, and His Word interprets that creation. Heat and cold, snow, wind and rain, storms and earthquakes–all of these reveal God to us and the Bible gives unique perspectives on each. Meditate on what we learn about God through the rain. Be thankful for a warm house and comfort in which to think. Let God’s grace rain on your soul and bring growth.


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