Working for Others

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. ESV Philippians 2:4

We tend to work for ourselves. We work to get paid. We work to get promoted. We try to finish projects so we can go home. In fact, it seems counter-intuitive to think that we should actually work for others. Why would we work for others to make money? Why would we try to help others get promoted (unless they in turn promote us). Why would we finish projects for others to go home? Ultimately, our spiritual formation will change the way we work from self-centered to others-centered.

As we study the Bible, our theology changes. As our theology changes, our actions should as well. Gradually, bit by bit, we God forms us into the image of His Son Jesus. One of the greatest changes that takes place regards the way we work. Jesus came not to be served but to serve. He came not to work for Himself, but to do the will of His Father. He came not to bask in glory, but to redeem humanity. He came on mission. Is it any surprise that He would call us to the same? That He would call us to work for the good of others. To be concerned about the company’s bottom line rather than our own. To be concerned about promoting the best person for the job rather than just landing a promotion for ourselves. To be concerned about getting everyone home to their families rather than just serving our own interests. As we focus on the person and work of Jesus, we will notice our own work habits change. Hopefully, others will as well, and in the process we will be able to introduce more people to Jesus Christ.

What is your motivation for work this week? What are your goals? Do you simply desire a paycheck? A promotion? To finish the week on Friday? What if instead you focused this week on helping a co-worker succeed? What if you focused on significantly saving money or resources for your organization. What if you voluntarily took on a greater workload for the good of the team? As we lead like Jesus, we draw others to Jesus. That’s the point of work after all. Consider others better than ourselves and aim to serve rather than be served.


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