Saying Yes…Forever

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. ESV Mark 10:9

Every girl dreams of her engagement. To have the man of her dreams ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. To see him down on one knee smiling up at her while offering a beautiful ring. To say “Yes!” and be swept off her feet. I think most guys think of it as well. Perhaps with a bit more nervousness as they have to be the one asking. Nevertheless, when he meets that special girl, he thinks of asking her to marry him. He dreams of hearing “Yes!” He dreams more of the relief he feels when she says “Yes!” As much as we focus on the “yes” of the engagement, we often forget marriage is about saying “yes” continually and forever.

My dad used to comment it’s amazing how fast moonlight and roses turns to daylight and dishes. Following the “yes” of the marriage vows, our sinful flesh usually kicks in quickly (generally on the honeymoon). Life throws us curves. We live in a cursed world. Suddenly we find ourselves wanting to say “No” the person we so passionately said “Yes” to just a few days, weeks, months before. Sometimes we want an out. It gets to the point we no longer feel we can say “yes.” Perhaps Jesus knew it would get to this. For that reason, He reminds us that we are married not because we said “Yes,” but because God has joined us together. In essence, God said “Yes” that union, and now no one has the right to say “No.” True, our flesh may scream “No,” our friends may scream “No,” the world may encourage us to say “No,” but in Christ our response will always be “Yes.” In the good times and the bad, we say “No” to our flesh and “Yes” to our spouse. It may not be easy, and we can only do it in the power of the Christ, but we can determine to continually say “Yes.”

Where are you in your marriage? Are you struggling to say “Yes”? Do you remember how easy it was at the beginning? Perhaps you need to return to the things you did at first. God has said “Yes” to your marriage. Ask Him for the strength to say “Yes” today. He will grant it.


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