Soul Discussions

He restores my soul… ESV Psalm 23:3

On most days I would want to sit in these two chairs with my wife. However, on Saturdays, I try to spend some time reflecting on my own soul, so I would love to sit on that pier with God in the other chair. While this may seem odd, it’s a practice we each should strive for weekly (if not more frequently). Most of us live frazzled lives, constantly doing the next thing, and in the process fail to take the necessary time to evaluate our souls, much less seek soul restoration.

How do we discover the state of our soul? And how do we experience the restoration of God? First, we have to set aside time–perhaps the hardest challenge of all. It helps to find a quiet place, perhaps even a place with two chairs. Sit quietly. Clear your mind. I often have a pen and paper and jot thoughts down as they come to me so that I’m not trying to remember them. Invite God to join you. Ask Him to reveal the state of your soul. Take stock of your life. How are you eating? Sleeping? Exercising? How are your relationships with your spouse, kids, friends, extended family? How is your stress level at work? How are you spiritually? When was the last time you prayed, spent time in God’s Word, shared a positive spiritual conversation with a friend? God will use these questions to expose the state of your soul. Perhaps it’s strong. Perhaps it’s broken. Perhaps it’s somewhere in between.

Once God reveals the state of your soul, ask Him to restore it. Listen for His still small voice. He may call you to radical changes. Perhaps to give up your Netflix show for more sleep. Perhaps to change jobs, start eating right, making time for exercise. You may need to spend more time just sitting with God. Breathe deeply. Listen. Rest. Enjoy God’s presence. See Him in the creation around you. Notice how vibrant and lively creation is (the moving clouds, rustling leaves, flying birds), yet restful and unhurried. Creation rests in the care of it’s creator. We too should work hard like the ant, ride the wind like the birds, and yet learn to settle our souls like a peaceful lake. Be still O soul, and allow the Lord to restore you.


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