Stressful Seasons

He made the moon to mark the seasons; ESV Psalm 104:19

Like many of you, I’m in a very full season of life right now. Soccer is in full swing (three teams, two of which I coach), the kids started back to school, our adoption agency is actively seeking a placement for us, the church is growing, and our townhouse rental just turned over (meaning it had to be painted, washer/dryer installed, etc.). Growth groups have restarted, more guests at church need visits, and we just hired a new administrative assistant at church that needs training. My days are booked solid from early in the morning until late at night, with no time to breathe.

I don’t write this for your pity. In fact, I suspect your life is just as busy as mine (perhaps even more so). The Biblical challenge I have for both of us involves taking stock of this season, and ensuring it’s only a season. The current pace of my life is unsustainable. My wife and I aren’t getting time to process important things. I’m not able to just play with the kids (I get time with them, but it’s always structured…coaching their team, teaching their class, etc.). Most importantly, true day’s off have been obliterated into the occasional night off (I had the first night off in 18 days recently). God made the moon to mark the seasons. Perhaps it’s referring to short seasons like months; perhaps to true three-month seasons. Regardless, part of our spiritual formation involves identifying our seasons and ensuring some things stay in their season. Soccer will be over at the first of November. The rental turnover should be completed next week. The end of these seasons should bring a sense of balance. Yes, other things will compete for their place, but I also will have an opportunity to enter a restful season.

What about you? What season of life do your find yourself in? What things will be ending soon? What things will compete to take their place? What important things need to be fit into your next season change? (Remember rest, Sabbath, time to reflect and plan are all important things!) Seasons should bring change to our lives. Restful seasons fade to stressful, and vice versa. If you are stuck in a season, remember God didn’t design it that way. Take advantage of opportunities to change.


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