Play With Your Spouse

…and behold, Isaac was playing around with Rebecca his wife. Genesis 26:8

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Yes, at first glance, it’s romantic (I guess). But having been married and being more realistic, I have to ask how many times they tried to get in that pose to take the picture. Kissing can’t be comfortable. And you know the moment they got that shot the woman tumbled off onto the bed and they both were laughing. Which is the point. Marriage should be fun! (At least sometimes anyway).

I hate to admit it, but reading that I should be having fun in my marriage at first sounds like more work. What does that say about the state of my life? Or my marriage? Just like my post yesterday about how hard it is to enjoy our children. (You would think that would be an oxymoron). Apparently, God created marriage to be enjoyable, and part of our spiritual formation involves achieving the fun God intended in marriage. Somehow spiritual formation, discipleship, spiritual growth or whatever you want to call it gets a bad rap. It’s about men stepping up (HARD), and women submitting (HARD), and laying down your life for your spouse (HARD). Yes, these things are part of marriage. But God also designed some of our spiritual growth to involve enjoying our marriage. The Hebrew word used of Isaac in the verse above can be translated joke, amuse oneself, play, fondle, play around with. In other words, he may have been just telling a funny story. Perhaps he was just enjoying being with the woman he loved. Maybe he caressed her butt. Maybe they were chasing each other with water balloons…or pig bladders filled with water I guess… (And for you scholars, yes, they were Jewish, but no the law hadn’t been written designating kosher animals…and I digress).

So, you have God’s blessing today to prank your husband. Get your wife to laugh. Tickle your spouse. Have a wrestling match. Take a crazier picture than the one above. Haha, that’s what you did back when you first met. Remember those days…. before kids, before real jobs, before grass to mow, bills to pay, cars to repair, dishes to do, lunches to make…. (No wonder we had so much fun!!!!). Marriage is hard work, but take time to play today. God ordained it. Enjoy!



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