Know Your Work

Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds ESV Proverbs 27:23

It’s Monday. Are you excited to go back to work? Are you already counting down the hours until Friday evening? It’s understandable as our jobs can be monotonous and/or challenging. Often when we have been in a field or job for a significant time, things become rote and boring. Some jobs are by nature more dull than others, but all of us can lose our edge with our work. It’s tempting to count down the days until retirement. It’s easy to fall into just punching a time clock. Perhaps you don’t consider this a big deal. In that case, listen to Solomon’s counsel

As Solomon wrote the words listed above, he instructed his son Rehoboam to work hard with what he was given. Solomon knew he would leave wealth and legacy to his son, but only through careful work and thought could Rehoboam retain that wealth. Solomon begged his son to pay careful attention to what he was given. In the same way, we should intimately know our jobs. The reason for this is not just job security (though it sure helps in that area). More importantly, we will give an answer to the Lord Jesus for how we engaged in our work. Whatever He called us to do, we should do to the best of our abilities for as long as He called us to serve. We have no excuse to coast, to slack, to simply put in our time. God calls us to be intimately involved in our work and to know it well. We should be experts in our field…even if our field is cleaning toilets. We never know when God will call us to do more, and our next steps may be built on our current knowledge of our work. In his charge to Rehoboam, Solomon warns him that wealth doesn’t last forever, and his flocks are what will provide for him in time to come. The application for us is to stay focused on our calling.

May you take some time this week to refocus on your work. Determine to do your best. Review the things you need to know to do your work well. God has placed you there for a reason, so determine to pay careful attention to your work for the glory of God.


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