God Is For You

This I know, that God is for me. ESV Psalm 56:9

How was your week? It’s a loaded question, and it probably depends on what part of your week you are talking about. A good friend of mine had a massive heart attack following surgery this week. Another friend’s son suffered a serious concussion. Another friend is going through a divorce. Life can be tough. It may seem our best friends forsake us. It may seem our children and grandchildren don’t care about us. Our spouses may seem to turn against us. Our health may be failing. However, in all these things, we can know that God is for us.

When I pray, I like to begin by praying through one of the Psalms. This past week, I was praying through Psalm 56 and came across the awesome refrain written above. Eight simple words–yet they pack a profound truth. When all else fails, we know that in Christ, God is for us. As these words rolled off my tongue over and over again, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me their strength and hope. Uncertainties abound in life. Most days I’m not sure what I truly know. Things I think I know to be true often change. However, the thing that doesn’t change is that God is for me. Because Christ has died and is risen again, I am confident in God’s love for me. If God is for me, than who can stand against me? My health may fail, my wealth may fade, my heart may faint, yet God is for me. My friends may leave, my family have strife, my job may suffer, yet God is for me. I may fall in sin, may repent again, may fail to live up to God’s law, yet God is for me. In Christ, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Be encouraged my friend. No matter what you may face, if you have embraced the good news that Christ died for your sins and rose again, you may know for certain God is for you. No matter how unsure the rest of your life may be, God is for you. No matter how uncertain the future is, God is for you. No matter how unstable your emotions, God is for you. May you know this, and may it strengthen your soul. This I know, that God is for me.



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