What I Can And Can’t Do For My Wife

…For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. ESV Romans 14:10

I’m slowly figuring this whole marriage thing out. As a Christian husband, there are so many things I can do for my wife. I can love her. I can pray for her. I can support her. I can encourage her spiritual development. At times, because of the headship concept presented in Scripture I feel I can do about everything for her. However, this morning I learned directly from God there’s something I can’t do for her. I can’t hear from God for her; she has to do that for herself. God will talk directly to her.

I’m learning to listen to God in my prayers. As such, I’m exploring my past and some of the strongholds of my flesh and the devil in my life. I’m learning to sit still before God and hear His voice as He opens my eyes to where these weaknesses first began, the lies I believed in these painful times, and the ways that impacted me. In turn, I’m learning how to replace those lies with the truths of the gospel and find healing, wholeness and life in Christ Jesus. This has been a profound and exciting experience for me. As my wife and I discussed these things, I excitedly told her I wanted her to benefit from healing prayer as well. She’s reading the book I read, but in my typical impatient fashion, I decided to pray this morning and listen for her. I asked the Lord to reveal to me what He is doing in her life so I could come and tell her. It was quiet for a while. Then I slowly sensed God chuckling. He basically told me that He will reveal Himself to her in His time and way. Hearing the deep ways He is working in her heart is reserved for her time with Him, not my time with Him.

I share this because we want to help our spouses. Wives desperately want their husbands to be changed by God. Husbands desperately want their wives to be impacted by the gospel. We can and should want this, and we should pray regularly for our spouses. However, only God can speak to their hearts. And He will, we can rest assured of that. Be encouraged. God will speak.


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