Planning Our Workweek

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. ESV Proverbs 16:9

With the start of school upon us, my workweek schedule adjusts a bit. I suspect yours does as well. Even if you don’t make changes due to school, most of us review our workweek calendars on Sunday night/Monday morning and note the unique challenges and projects we will face this week. We should consider two things when we do this.

First, we should plan our weeks. God’s clearly reveals His sense of order and structure in creation, and carefully planning our weeks enables us to accurately reflect His image in us. He tasked us with the great responsibility of ruling over creation, so whatever part of the creation you rule over–do it well! Make the most of every opportunity. Consider how to maximize and protect the part of the world you influence. Your clients, your students, your kids, your projects, your assignments, your installs, your service calls, your appointments–make them all count. By carefully reviewing your responsibilities, you can get more done and bring greater glory to God this week. This is part of God’s spiritual formation in your life.

Secondly, as noted in the proverb above, take some time to pray over your schedule for the week. Acknowledge to God that He ultimately guides your steps. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your week in a unique way. Ask Him to open doors you didn’t see coming at the beginning of the week. Ask Him to calm your spirit when plans suddenly change, and enable you to embrace them as God’s special opportunities. Perhaps these will be opportunities to share the gospel, perhaps opportunities to grow yourself. Look to the Lord and His guidance, and know that when you reach the end of the week, He will have been with you every step of the way.


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