Listening to Jesus

 Oh, that my people would listen to me ,ESV Psalm 81:13

We listen to a lot. Talk radio, our kids, our spouses, the news, lectures, teachers, presentations, commercials, announcements… Solomon commented the ear is never filled with hearing (Ecc 1:8) though we may want it to be when our kids continue to talk, chatter, mumble, chirp, complain and laugh. As believers, we often try to listen to good things. Christian radio, sermons or podcasts, conversations with other believers, even the Bible read out loud. These things are good, and I enjoy all of them. However, in all of my listening, I find that often the person I listen to the least is Jesus.

Granted, from my past, I was taught to be skeptical of listening straight to Jesus. I was taught He speaks through His word, through other believers, etc. (and He does to be sure). I’m slowly coming to realize Jesus earnestly desires to speak to us, and wants us to learn to listen directly to Him. Remember, we have the Holy Spirit living inside us. We have God’s Word hopefully planted deep in our minds and hearts. Through these He often speaks to us in our daily time with Him. However, I’m learning that when I need a direct answer to a deep issue, especially when I’m facing a recurring challenge in my soul, I often need to go sit and listen directly to Jesus. In this form of listening prayer I ask Him a question, then sit and wait for a response. He usually doesn’t say much–only a thought or two–but the power of those thoughts is quite profound.

Learning to listen to Jesus directly forms a profound part of our spiritual development. Begin by asking the Lord Jesus to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and voices. Ask Him to quiet our soul. Then ask Him what He wants to say to you, (realizing He may want to address some deep pain or wounds in your soul), and quietly wait for Him to bring something to mind. As He does, interact with Him, comparing His Words to Scripture to confirm them. The results are tremendous…too much to share in a short post. I pray you will consider listening directly to the voice of Jesus. He wants to speak to you. May He bring healing and hope to your soul as you listen.


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  1. Oh that “Jesus people” would listen to Jesus !

    Jesus “The Good Shepherd” is my Pastor

    Jesus is The Way to God
    The real Jesus of the real Apostles
    But false teachers come and pervert God’s Word
    With twists and turns and jostles

    “My sheep listen to my voice”
    Jesus said for us all to hear
    “I know them, and they follow me”
    He doesn’t run when a wolf appears

    He “calls his own sheep by name”
    It’s not the witchcraft of a distant stranger
    Not just repeating the magic words
    And then thinking you are out of danger

    Our Father in Heaven wants to talk to you
    He can hear you loud and clear
    And He sent His Son Jesus to inhabit the earth
    So that all who want God can draw near

    Real prayer is a conversation
    At least that’s what God wants it to be
    We talk in the garden in the cool of the day
    When we are part of His family

    Only Jesus never disobeyed God
    He’s the only immaculate conception
    The Holy Spirit comes in His Name
    Don’t listen to the voice of deception

    If a false apostle preaches
    I became your father, imitate me
    He doesn’t speak the words of God
    It’s just Boss Paul the Pharisee

    And if a heretic now claims to be
    The Church’s universal pastor
    His words should be ignored
    They lead to nothing but disaster

    Jesus did not just teach The Way
    He IS The Way, my friend
    Repeating the mantra of Marypaulhammad
    Is nothing but a dead end

    Bibliography – all “quotes” in “quotation marks” are the words of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 10

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