Do We Really Need It?

Do not love the world or the things in the world. ESV 1 John 2:15

I’m confused. I recently read an article that asserted my generation is poorer than my parents’ generation. I have a hard time believing that. When I was growing up, I had a bike. As in one. As in it was too big for me when my parents got it for me, and it was too small for me when I finally outgrew it. We got Christmas presents that we shared. We had one tv in the house. Granted, my family wasn’t super rich, and we had lots of kids. I suppose other kids maybe had bikes that fit their size a bit better. Perhaps they got a few more toys than I did. Maybe even had a Nintendo that was their own and not shared with their siblings.

Haha, enter the 2010s. Somehow all of us (kids and adults) have not only our own things, but multiples of them. Do you remember when the whole family shared an iPad? Now every kid has their own. Not only that but they have their cracked one, and their new one. And their phone. And their laptop. And their old iPod they don’t use anymore. And their Chromebook. And their Fit-bit. And their flatscreen. And maybe another phone. (And each member of the family has all of the above). I remember when my friends had a skateboard. As in one. As in one probably handed down from their older brother or bought at a yard sale. Now my son has a skateboard, a penny board, a long board and he wants to order another long board. We have 12 bikes for 5 kids. Stop the madness!

Somewhere we have become incredibly materialistic. We believe multiplying stuff will bring us happiness. Perhaps we have fallen more in love with the world than we care to admit. Spiritual formation calls us to love Christ more than the world. It doesn’t mean these things are wrong, and it’s fine to enjoy what Christ has given to us. However, I wonder if perhaps somewhere we have stumbled off track and multiplied stuff that we don’t need. Perhaps God is calling us back to a simpler life…a life with fewer things. Just a thought.


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