Listening Prayer

Be still, and know that I am God. ESV Psalm 46:10

I’m reading A Guide to Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer by Rusty Rustenbach and really enjoying every bit of it. While prayer has been a part of my spiritual development for some time now, the idea of listening to God instead of constantly talking to Him is a new idea for me. Throughout the book, Rustenbach stresses that Jesus wants to speak to us, wants to heal us, if only we will be still long enough to hear from Him.

This idea that prayer goes both ways excites me. While I don’t have any major hurts or hangups from my past, several areas of my life do challenge me and consistently fight against being brought under the control of the Spirit. Through listening prayer, I can begin to ask Jesus to speak to me regarding these areas. Why do they have such a hold on me? Where did they first get their power? How has His cross destroyed the hold they have on me? What does He think of me in the midst of these struggles? Hearing His response to each of these questions can set me free from the struggles I face and deepen my fellowship with Him in wonderful ways.

What about you? What sins and struggles continue to hold sway over you? What spiritual battles do you feel you always lose? What would Jesus say to you if you took the time to listen? Perhaps God is calling you to be still and know that He is God. Perhaps if you set aside time today to be still, He will speak His truth to you. His truth is always powerful and encouraging. Remember, He gave His own Son for us, so we can be confident He will continue to give us everything we need for our spiritual formation. May you hear from God today and be confident in His love and provision for you.


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