Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment. ESV 1 Timothy 6:6

The strangest thing happened at dinner. We just finished a wonderful week of sports camp, and for dinner instead of my regular “news of the day” feature, I asked all the kids to share what they liked best about sports camp and one way we could make it better next year. They all had great things to share about what they enjoyed, and their ideas to improve it were interesting, though generally beyond the realm of possibility (turning it into an overnight camp was the favorite suggestion). What shocked me the most was that I didn’t have any ideas of ways to improve it next year.

You have to understand I love doing the post-event write-ups. I’m always thinking of ways that things can be bigger and better, and usually before something in my life is over, I’ve already dreamed up 20 ways to make it better next time. Overall it’s exhausting because I’m never good enough for myself. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy things because they could always be better. While this does drive me to continually improve, it’s not exactly the healthiest way to live spiritually. By God’s grace, He has slowly been teaching me contentment. Yes, things can generally be improved, but there is also a place to just enjoy the things God has given us. Sometimes things get as good as they need to be. God blesses to a certain level, and we need to simply rest in that.

This year at sports camp, registration was smooth, a great number of kids came out, the sports were great and people had a great time. More importantly, the kids listened attentively to the gospel presentations, we recruited a strong daily prayer team, and numerous kids responded to the gospel. It doesn’t get much better than that! As such, I’m thankful for the power of God at work in that ministry, and for the night at least, am content with what He has done. What about you? Are you finding the presence of God in your life? More importantly, are you able to be content in Him? Can you say that your cup overflows and simply enjoy it without asking for a bigger cup? In our spiritual formation, we can be sure God will fill our cup and ask us to be content with Him.


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