Right Where God Wants You

…who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? ESV Esther 4:14

Esther’s story begins its build to a climax in the verse above. Up to this point, her “professional” life had been quite challenging. She had been forced into the king’s harem, chosen to be queen, and then left for at least a month. We can assume parts of being queen were wonderful, but it also had to be quite a stretch for a Jewish orphan to be living as queen of Persia. Perhaps your job parallels Esther on some level.

Maybe you work in a career field you never anticipated. Perhaps you feel as though you didn’t get to choose it…it was the only option available. While Esther had a “high” position, it may not nearly have been fulfilling as being married to a common Jewish man where she could have had a deep and meaningful marriage and family. Perhaps she felt as though those dreams had died and she was now serving as queen. Perhaps you feel your career dreams have been crushed, and you are working in an area where God could never use you. Or, perhaps you have an influential position, but lately seem to have lost your influence. Consider the questions going through Esther’s mind when she realized the king hadn’t requested her presence in over a month. Had he found someone more satisfying? Perhaps also, you feel out of place as Esther did. She cared for her people, the Jews. No doubt those around her cared for the Persians, the things of the world–wine, sex, money and power. Like Esther, maybe you are feeling forgotten by God, wondering what He expects of you in your job (because you certainly can’t figure it out).

However, like Esther, perhaps there comes a day when God clearly reveals His purpose for you in that job. Perhaps you find yourself thrust into an incredibly difficult position, but one in which God’s glory may clearly be revealed. The risks will be great, but the God who placed you there will be greater. The fear may be overwhelming, but the peace and power of the Holy Spirit will sustain you. In that moment, all will make sense. Until then, serve faithfully. Prepare your heart. Stay close to the Lord. Faithful is He who called you who also will do it.


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