Living to Please God

Praise the LORD! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who greatly delights in his commandments! ESV Psalm 112:1

Every so often we have an outdoor movie night. We drag out the TV to the deck, lay out sleeping bags, and enjoy a movie under the stars. Tonight was a gorgeous night and we thoroughly enjoyed the moving Facing the Giants. I hadn’t seen it in several years and found myself quite moved by the reminder to constantly trust and praise God regardless of the outcome of life. My calling is to entrust my soul to God and do everything in my power to honor Him. The outcome resides in His hands.

On Sunday we reflect on the state of our soul before God. Do we have unconfessed sin? Are we living in the power of the gospel? Are we drawing from the power of the Holy Spirit? Are we claiming the victory Christ has won for us? Watching this movie with my family urged me to give a bit more. Perhaps I’ve become a bit too complacent. As God calls us to adopt, as I lead my church to reach our community, as we urge our children to be all in for God, perhaps I need to give a little more. I only have one life to live, and life is must too short to live it for myself or without God’s power. I want to pray more and harder. I want to expect greater things from God. I want to experience a greater measure of His grace. I want to greatly delight in His commands.

Where are you? Are you finding yourself with a renewed passion for the Lord? I praise God for the Kendrick brothers and their passion to reach people through movies. Perhaps you should watch one of their films. Better yet, perhaps you should grab your Bible, find a quiet place, and ask God to stir your heart yet again for the glory of His great name. Ask Him to do such mighty things in you that all the world will know of His glory. Be encouraged my friend, God is doing great things, and wants you to be a part of them.


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