What Are You Trusting?

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. ESV Psalm 20:7

So being a Christian parent is basically impossible. You only have 24 hours in a day. I was home for a few hours this afternoon before I had to go back to work for a meeting, and in the time at home I really wanted to pour into my kids and build strong relationships. My oldest came and asked if he could watch a movie while I was gone that night. A simple request–unless you’re an insane Christian parent like me. You can’t just approve a movie. It has to be run through pluggedin.com. It has to be balanced with total screen time for the day. It has to be weighed against other things that could be done during that time. It has to be interpreted through the gospel.

We began by searching Netflix for a PG movie. Apparently they don’t make PG movies anymore (at least on Netflix). 15 minutes gone. Then we decided to watch one of the movies he brought home from the library…until we discovered the disc missing. (Another 15 mintues gone). Then we reviewed our home movie collection to find something appropriate. We found two (but rated PG-13, and thus opened the laptop to check Pluggedin. One was acceptable, the other not. I ran back downstairs to let him know this (of course he had his heart set on the unacceptable one…15 more minutes gone). I’m now running late for my evening meeting. Finally, he finds the missing library disc, and decides to watch that one. Problem solved….until his sister decides she wants to have a movie night as well. Time for repeat.

Regarding spiritual formation, here’s my thoughts. Was this an ideal use of my money (Netflix), time, and stuff (DVDs)? As a parent, I must consider what my kids watch. I should care about cursing, sex, violence. But I also need to realize that no matter how hard I try to be the perfect parent, I’ll still fail. Ultimately, my hope must be in the Lord Jesus, and not my modern day horses and chariots of Netflix, pluggedin, and screen time limits. I’ll never be able to manage all these things perfectly. I just try my best and leave the rest to the Lord. I hope this encourages you.


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