Stepping Off A Cliff

I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. ESV Psalm 16:8

Ever have a tough day? One of those where you feel like you have taken two steps forward only to be driven five steps back? It’s even worse when you feel like God has been blessing you in so many ways and that He has paved a smooth path ahead of you. Then suddenly something challenging pops up. Perhaps something you thought was behind you. Suddenly, it all comes crashing down. Suddenly you feel as though maybe God isn’t on your side. Suddenly fears come reeling back into your mind. You go from feeling God is totally for you to wondering if God is really for you. Perhaps He has forgotten you. It’s not a pleasant experience. My wife and I walked this journey this past week.


I found myself walking in the sanctuary pouring out my heart to the Lord. What had we done wrong? What was He teaching us? Why was He forgetting us? It’s hard when your wife is having a bad day and you feel as though you have to have the right spiritual answer. In His mercy, God provided a spiritual picture that really brought peace to both me and my wife. While we felt like we were taking two steps forward in trusting God only to be dropped off a cliff, the reality was that God was calling us off the cliff to walk on thin air…trusting Him. Actually, the picture that came to my mind was of stepping off the firm ground of the cliff onto His outstretched hands. In my mind, they were like human hands…they gave a little under my weight, and were a little unsteady, but in the end held me–thousands of feet above the canyon below. It was as though God said, “It’s time to trust Me. Step out off the firm ground you are on and fully into My care.” What felt like God was forgetting us was actually a reminder of how precious we were to Him.

As the head of your home, it’s your responsibility to provide these spiritual pictures for your wife. Cry out to God. He will reveal His will to you and equip you to lead your wife and family closer to Him. Especially in challenging times.


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