A Plea for Reflection

A wicked man puts on a bold face, but the upright gives thought to his ways. ESV Proverbs 21:29

As a pastor I walk a lot of hard journeys with people. As sinners, we all have secrets and struggles, and left to themselves, they undo us. Just recently I have walked journeys with those who refused to acknowledge their struggles. For one it meant the end of a career. For another it meant further damaging his relationships with his children. For another it meant the loss of her home. For another it meant the end of his life on this earth. When their struggles lead to these horrible consequences, they suffer tremendously. Joining them in their struggle hurts, but one of the benefits of my calling is that God allows me to learn from their struggles. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned is to drag sin into the light as fast as possible.

While much easier to suggest than do, the only way to overcome our sin and struggles is to drag it into the light of Jesus Christ. This involves acknowledging we have a struggle beyond our power to control. It also involves taking these struggles to spiritual friends. Spiritual friends are not just “friends who have our backs,” but rather are spiritual mentors, elders, pastors, etc. who will lead us to Christ, remind us we are forgiven in Him, and walk the journey of restoration and victory with us. Not many friends will do this, but it’s vitally important we identify them and ask for their help.

I plead with you. Take time to reflect on your life. Ask God to expose hidden sin in your life. (Be assured it will come out eventually…but in the worst possible way). As you become aware of your struggles (perhaps you already are), confess them to a spiritual friend. Ask that friend to remind you of the power and forgiveness of Christ in your life. Ask them to keep you accountable. Ask Jesus to make victory over sin real in your life. Determine now to find freedom in Christ. Don’t wait until you lose your career, your family, or even your life. You may have carried yourself through life with a bold face thus far, but instead, give thought to your ways and make changes. Don’t just hope it all magically goes away. It won’t. But it can in Christ.


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