God Guided Thought

Try me and know my thoughts! ESV Psalm 139:23

As indicated in the title of my blog, the key to victory over sin begins in our mind. When we wait for temptation to take hold before attempting to stand strong, we often fail. By that point, we have fed our flesh through our thoughts so that acting out those thoughts becomes nearly inevitable. For that reason, we must consistently take time with the Lord Jesus and ask Him to evaluate our thoughts. The battle begins in the mind!

This past week, a young person shared with me a recent time that she was wrestling with some serious oppression in her mind. Without even thinking, she responded to the Spirit’s prompting and asked for the Spirit of Christ to cleanse her mind and protect her. She seemed surprised when her thoughts immediately changed. I just smiled, listening to the story of the Holy Spirit at work, doing what He does best: forming the hearts of God’s children. Similar things happened to me this past week. When faced with temptation, I found God working in my mind before the urges to sin could work themselves out in action. Again, I rejoiced that God worked on this level, guiding my thoughts to Him instead of to indulging my flesh.

As you prepare to face this week, takes some time to invite God to search your mind. Realize much of your spiritual formation begins in your mind before it manifests itself through actions in your life. Know that God’s Spirit indwells you and wants to renew your mind so that you think and subsequently act like Christ. When we try to act like Christ without having the mind of Christ, we naturally end up frustrated. As God recreates His thoughts within us, we find our selves more naturally acting like our Savior. May you take some time today to allow God to renew your mind. The resulting change will be well worth it.


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