All In

After this he went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, sitting at the tax booth. And he said to him, “Follow me.” 28 And leaving everything, he rose and followed him. ESV Luke 5:27-28

On Fridays, I review my use of time, money and other stuff God has entrusted with me. Being at MFuge this week gives me even more to consider. Three things weigh most heavily on me.

First, as I alluded to yesterday, Pastor Rick does an incredible job reaching his community with virtually no resources. He hosted a three day block party with only hot dogs. He drives a 1995 work-style minivan. He baptizes people in a cattle trough. This guy appears to be running double or triple the ministry my church does on apparently a fraction of our budget. Secondly, working with the teens last night, we concluded there are approximately 5,500 middle and high school students in our community. We totaled up the size of the area church youth groups, and figured at best, 550 kids are regularly attending church. That leaves nearly 5,000 kids who don’t know Jesus Christ. We began to pray and plot ways to reach them with the gospel. Finally, tonight at the invitation, our entire group of young people stood up to indicate they are possibly feeling the call to ministry or missions. In our church group devotional time afterwards, we discussed going to advanced training next year in Denver, as well as getting them to Peru next summer to explore foreign missions.

Long story short, I am wrestling with my allocation of time, money and stuff. Pastor Rick spends most of this time out of his study, leading people to the Lord. Perhaps I should pack up my office and work the community to spread the gospel. Second, I need to consider my use of money and the church budget as well. Personally, I may need to get my son to Peru (not cheap), and to Lead THE Cause in Denver next year (also not cheap). At church, we may need to expand our student and/or mission budget as well next year. Finally, I may not have time to manage as much of my stuff, and may need to walk away from much (all?) of it like Levi. However, what better thing to do than invest my life in helping these teens reach the 5,000 young people in our community with the gospel?


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  1. This stirs excitement in me, and also Ideas (Hey, you can’t have one without the other). Praying for you, Mark and the elders as you plan and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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