Living in Light of Our Death

in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them. ESV Psalm 139:16

Tomorrow I will have the funeral of a friend who passed away this week. He loved the Lord, lived a long life, was in a lot of pain, and now is rejoicing with Jesus. However, walking through these things in life gives us time to stop and reflect and consider. Usually on Fridays, I focus on maintaining my things, money and time to advance the gospel–and these are all good concepts. However, sometimes we need to focus less on working hard at managing these things, and consider their place in eternity.

My friend left behind his van…and it doesn’t really matter if the oil had recently been changed or if he used the van to bless others and advance the gospel. It’s now just parked in his driveway. In reality, we don’t know how many days God has given us. Today may be the day He calls us home. Because of that, while it’s important to maintain the things He has given us and to use them for His glory, we also need to live in light of the fact that this may be our last day on earth. Of course, if we knew this were our last day, we probably wouldn’t do any of the management and investment of our money and stuff and time that God has called us to. However, especially for us younger ones, we tend to think our last day on earth is so far in the future, that all we focus on is work and investing.

I met up with another friend yesterday who is in a similar season. He just lost his mother (and his father passed recently as well), and he’s wrestling with what he wants out of life. In many ways, he has managed his time, money and stuff well, yet as he considers death and the outcome of his life, he wonders if he is really doing what is best. May I encourage you today that simply working through your “to do” list may not be what is best. Spend some time with the Lord considering the end of your life, and ask Him what you should do if today were one of your last days on earth.


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