God’s Perspective

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. ESV Isaiah 55:9

In life, we often feel lost in the fog. This week alone I’m wrestling with some good friends who are dying, struggling with some business decisions, and wrestling with my own mortality as I consider how much life insurance to purchase. Each day I have to disciple my children, not always knowing which way is best. My wife looks to me for direction–and most of the time, I feel I don’t have much to offer. We meet with our social worker for our home study–to bring more children into this mess…is this what God has called us to? In the midst of all these things, we often get a sense of God’s plan and direction, but struggle to see our next steps.

Perhaps God created Sabbath for this. He knew after six days we would be hopelessly lost. Perhaps we began our week passionate to follow Him. Perhaps we had an idea of where He was leading us. Perhaps we even accomplished some of these things. By the end of the week, however, I’m often hopelessly lost. Life has a way of throwing your curve balls, tripping you up, or merely wearing you down. By week’s end, I’m crying out to God for perspective and direction. As tired as I may be, these moments are the best. These moments are when God reminds me that though I may be living in the fog, He dwells above the fog. Though I may be hopelessly turned around through all of life’s twists and turns, He sees every turn in the journey and knows my destination. Though my thoughts may be consumed by the present, He has the present, past and future in mind. At these times I’m thankful His ways aren’t mine and His thoughts aren’t mine.

I pray you will embrace the Sabbath for what it is: an opportunity to realize God’s plans are just a bit bigger than ours. That His ideas are above ours. That His ways supersede ours. From that comes a peace, a focus, an energy that we can’t find elsewhere. It’s the beauty of Sabbath my friends, and I pray you will take delight in this gift. When you are lost in the fog, ask God for His perspective.


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