One on One

And as Jesus was going up to Jerusalem, he took the twelve disciples aside… ESV Matthew 20:17

Jesus did a lot of public ministry. He seemed to be inundated with people at all times. Much of the time, His disciples watched and learned in the midst of all the chaos, the challenges, the crowds. However, on occasion, Jesus pulled them aside to address specific things. At times He worked with the three, at other times with the twelve. Sometimes He addressed only one. While I’m nothing like Jesus, my life is full, and much of the time my five children learn from me in the midst of the fullness. However, like Jesus, at times, I need to pull one or two of them aside for some one on one time.

Tonight I was driving to a neighbor’s outdoor movie to check on my oldest son. My second son decided to come along (I thought he wanted to stay for the movie), but when we got in the car he admitted he only came to spend one on one time with me. He’s my quiet one that’s generally easy going and easy to manage. I realized in that moment though, that the “good” kids are the ones that get overlooked. I need to make more time with him alone so we can develop the strong relationship I have with some of my kids who have been more difficult, thus demanding one on one time. Sometimes we overlook the needs our kids have for a personal touch.

Thus God continues my spiritual formation. Yes, I’m shaping my children’s future every minute I am with them, and like Jesus, most of this is done in family time, group time, lots of people time. However, if I am to disciple my kids the way Jesus discipled His, I must pull them aside at times to pour specifically into them. While it seems like an added chore at first, I think it will actually be quite a blessing, and I look forward to it. My prayer for you is that you would spend one on one time with each of your children or grandchildren as you shape their spiritual future.


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