Soul Focus

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. ESV Psalm 25:1

Sunday worship. Is it a time to be with friends? To receive good teaching? To check the box on weekly spirituality? Or could it be a time to lift up your soul to Him? The more I reflect on my spiritual formation, the more I realize most of it boils down to simply lifting our soul to the Lord Jesus. It’s not so much about trying to be spiritual, doing a bunch of spiritual things (like prayer, Bible reading, and such as good as they are). Rather, it’s simply taking our soul (all of who we are) and lifting it up to Jesus.

For Christians, Sundays provide a great opportunity to take extra care of our souls. Hopefully you belong to a good church–a church that provides ample opportunity for you to lift your soul to the Lord. The worship time and prayer time should both be opportunities for you to present all of yourself to God…your fears, cares, pride, concerns, hopes and dreams. May I encourage you during the worship time today to not just stand and sing (or worse yet, just stand). Instead, pour out your soul to the Lord. Sing the words as coming from your heart. Pray along with the leaders that God would work in your soul. During the preaching time, don’t just listen politely or even take notes. Rather, ask God to look deeply into your soul. Ask Him to use His word to bring conviction, to open your eyes to changes you need to make, to encourage you in your distress.

If we make Sunday a day of soul searching, it properly aligns us for the rest of the week. I hope you don’t miss this opportunity. If you aren’t regularly involved in a church (or if you attend a church that doesn’t encourage soul development, please make finding such a church a top priority. Finding a new church can be daunting, but if you reach out to me, I’ll be happy to help you. Lifting our souls to the Lord is part of our spiritual formation and church is a great vehicle for this.



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