A different kind of work

In all toil there is profit... ESV Proverbs 14:23

Generally on Mondays, I reflect on our work and how God uses our vocation in our spiritual formation. However, this week I’m on vacation, visiting my family in Florida. My sister and brother-in-law recently bought their first home and are in the process of renovating it. Today, I get to work with them, hanging and finishing drywall and prepping the floor (removing tiles and cleaning the concrete slab). In essence, it will be work, but not the kind of work I generally do on Mondays.

While some people may find this challenging, I’m actually really excited about it. I worked various construction jobs throughout college and seminary and find it invigorating. When you make disciples, progress is slow and you often don’t see changes. Theoretically, by tomorrow night, I’ll see drywall hung, the first coat of mud, tiles up, floor smooth, perhaps some painting done, and who knows, we may get other projects done as well! This should be quite invigorating for me. My body will be physically tired, but my mind will be refreshed, and I’ll get great fellowship with my sons and brother-in-law in the process. I think Solomon understood this. God created us to work, and while He calls us to a particular vocation, even when we engage in work outside that vocation, we engage in profitable endeavors. These efforts shape our spiritual formation.

What about you? What work has God called you to outside your general vocation? It may not seem spiritual, but sharpening mower blades, washing the car, doing your neighbor’s laundry, picking up stuff at the store for a friend…all these things are profitable and character forming. We learn to serve others; we learn new skills; we meet new people (and have new disciple making opportunities). We engage with people at Home Depot, or perhaps we meet new neighbors. In all work, there is profit. Engage in profitable work today, even if it’s outside your “work.”


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