But Martha was distracted with much serving. ESV Luke 10:40

I use Saturdays to evaluate myself, my soul, my mind, my physical condition, stress level, etc. Perhaps it’s due to the books I’ve been reading on technology, or perhaps it’s the Holy Spirit, (most likely a combination of both) but I’m increasingly convicted that I’m growing too distracted. Maybe distracted isn’t the best word. Maybe running-my-brain-in-a-thousand-directions-at-once is a better word. Regardless, as I take stock of my life, my brain is tired. Between prepping sermons, planning for vacation, checking the pool pump, replacing the leaking kitchen faucet (after only two years…don’t get me started), dealing with some kind of stomach bug, affirming my son, pouring into my daughter…. and you get the picture. After all, I suspect your life is the same. At some point, no matter what you are doing, your mind is racing with other things you should be doing. Even as I type this, I’m juggling two developing ministry situations…making it hard to focus.

My point is this: even when we engage in good things (like I assume most of us are), we, like Martha, can be come distracted through much serving. Then our eyes leave our Master, and we forget the greatest thing in life is not so much providing a bed for single mom and son who are sleeping on the floor tonight (one of my current challenges), but keeping our eyes on Jesus. In the midst of the craziness, I must learn to put down my phone, close my laptop, and simply sit at the feet of Jesus. Perhaps I’m too distracted by Facebook, and a break is in order. Perhaps putting my phone on silent for a season would be beneficial. Perhaps deleting the stock market game on my phone would free part of my mind to focus more on Christ. Perhaps I just need more time away from screens and books and constantly “doing” things (my default), to clear my mind and let Christ dwell richly in my mind.

What about you? Are you distracted by life? I fear that too many of us will end our lives and realize we never accomplished what we really wanted to do because we were too busy doing the things that ultimately weren’t important. Don’t get distracted with what’s good and miss what’s best.


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