Maintenance at Work

…eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. ESV Ephesians 4:3

By getting stuck on a roller coaster yesterday, I fulfilled one of my bucket-list items. It’s a weird thing to want, but it was cool. For about ten minutes, we were laying flat on our backs, just outside the station, as a computer glitch shut down the ride. Three maintenance men were working below us to solve the problem (which they did, and we finished the ride). I’m not sure why this particular coaster seems to break so much, but often poor maintenance leads to these issues.

Personally, I prefer breaking new ground to maintaining things. My wife says (and I have to agree) that I’m famous for starting ten new projects and struggling to finish any of them…much less maintain the ones that I do manage to complete. Interestingly enough, God puts a high value on maintenance. Even in the verse above, He indicates we should be eager to maintain unity of the Spirit in our church. While it’s more fun (at least for me) to lead people to Christ, plan church change and press forward with big dreams, part of the required spiritual work is maintaining unity–a great challenge for anyone!

Even in the garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a dual charge: work the garden (make it produce) and keep it (maintain it). At work this week, what do you need to maintain? Does your desk need to be cleaned, your inbox sorted through? I personally despise these things, but they are important steps in my spiritual formation. In many ways, God has called me to maintain my workplace (in my case, the church I serve), instead of pressing forward. Yes, this week, I will spend time in prayer asking God to bring a great spiritual awakening in our community. However, I also need to take out the trash in the lobby (someone threw away some fruit or something that reeks) and clean my desk. Not as fun, but just as spiritual. While it may be fun for a theme park to build new rides, maintaining the current rides is just as important (although it does prevent some of us from fulfilling weird lifelong dreams) 🙂


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