Success at Work

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. ESV Proverbs 16:3

Can you think of anyone that doesn’t want to be successful at work? While some of us may be in a blur, simply going through the motions, most of us have at least some idea of accomplishing something in our jobs. We want to make a difference in the world, or at least get a promotion or raise. How can we do this, and what does this have to do with our spiritual formation?

The essence of spiritual formation involves bringing God into every aspect of our lives. That’s why this blog focuses on a different aspect of our life each day of the week and tries to explain how the gospel impacts that aspect of life. In the verse above, Solomon challenges us to first commit our work to the Lord. As you begin your workweek, take a moment to put your to-do list in God’s hands. What are you hoping to accomplish this week at work? Have you committed it to the Lord? As we do this, He takes the time to establish our plans. Naturally, we have plans and we generally work toward them. However, if we will work toward God, He will ensure our plans are accomplished. (Part of this comes as He reorients us toward His plans for our lives.

How does the gospel impact our work? Simply put, the gospel reminds us we were created to work, but in sin, we look to work for success instead of to Christ for success. By acknowledging this and coming to Christ for forgiveness and fulfillment, we commit our work to Him, and He brings us gospel success. May you be successful this week through the power of the gospel. It may seem odd to pray over your inbox, or to commit your work truck to the Lord, or your PowerPoint presentation, but by doing this, you will ensure your plans will be established.


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