Answering Each Person

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians 4:6 ESV

My path to work was hectic. Stopped at the pool store to try to find a filter, and helped a lady load a bag of DE for her pool. Popped in the hardware store for the filter the pool didn’t have and chatted with the cashier. Saw a church member at the doctor; bumped into a friend from small group at Walmart. Had a lady yell at me in the parking lot asking if I saw anything fly off the roof of her car (I’m ashamed I kept driving). Talked the pharmacist about a prescription and insurance issue.

My conversation with the lady at the pool store went the best (though it lasted all of 30 seconds and I wasn’t able to share the gospel). I encouraged my friend I saw at the doctor. Mostly discussed business with the cashier and pharmacist. It would have been nice to have a great spiritual conversation–I was trying with the pool lady. After that, I was running late and didn’t look for as many opportunities. However, in a short hour, my path crossed with over six people. Most were business connections; probably none could have turned into an hour-long discussion on following Jesus. However, part of spiritual formation is looking to make the most of each of these opportunities.

At all times I represent the Lord Jesus, so I try to make everything I say be “seasoned with salt.” Salt makes you thirsty and it makes food taste good. Hence, I try to say things that make people feel good and be open to the gospel (like wishing the self-checkout lady at Walmart a good day…she perked up and smiled), and things that make them thirsty. Both the doctor and pharmacist were blaming each other for not having the pre-authorization form done. Instead of yelling or blaming either, I just smiled and said “I’m sure it will be done tomorrow.” Even though my wife and I have both tried to get the prescription filled, representing Christ is far more important than getting an inhaler. Look for opportunities today to build relationships– and spread some salt!


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