Work According to Plan

All this he made clear to me in writing from the hand of the LORD, all the work to be done according to the plan. 1 Chronicles 28:19 ESV

Ok, so be honest. It’s Monday and you are back at work. Do you have a plan? Is your plan to survive until Friday? If so, aren’t you miserable? Perhaps a great part of our spiritual formation is realizing that our work should go according to a plan. Of course, some of us do plan, but we forget the plan our work should follow not our plan but God’s. That’s the essence of David’s comments above. In preparing for the temple, he wanted his son Solomon to do all the work according to the plan given him by God.

This theme of working according to God’s plan runs through the Bible. Noah built the ark according to God’s plan. Joseph managed Egypt in accordance with God’s plan. Esther worked to save her people according to God’s plan. Nehemiah rebuilt walls; Paul planted churches; John recorded the events he saw on Patmos–all according to God’s plan. We often lack focus in our work because we forget God has called us to work to accomplish His plan. How then do we determine His plan for our work? Here are a few simple ideas.

First, God wants us to work hard as though He were our direct boss. That’s a part of God’s plan for your work this week. Secondly, He wants us to advance His kingdom through our work. How can you build relationships, encourage others, pray for others (not necessarily out loud), or be a light through your actions in your work this week? This would definitely fall in line with God’s plan for your work. Finally, ask the Lord for clarity on His plan for your work. I’m in the midst of seeking His will at the church where I pastor. I want to know God’s future plan for our church so I can work in line with it. Ask Him. He loves to answer. Above all, know that work is not something to be endured this week, but rather a calling that we can engage with purpose. May you work according to His plan.


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