It starts with God

In the beginning, God... Gen 1:1

We shouldn’t be surprised that all spiritual formation begins with God. After all, the Bible begins with God, so our spiritual formation should as well. In fact, we could probably argue that without God, spiritual formation is impossible, since God is spirit, and thus everything spiritual must involve Him.

My plan is to use Sundays to discuss our relationship with God. Our relationship with God composes the first of the three core spiritual areas of our lives. A weekly review of our relationship with God is perhaps the most essential spiritual formation exercise. We may thing of ourselves as spiritual people (and we are), but if we fail to take time to evaluate our spirit and the relationship of our spirit to God’s spirit, then we fail to journey deeper into the grace available to us.

The most profound aspect of our relationship to God comes from His Son Jesus, the Christ. While part of spiritual formation is seeking to align with God, the first step of spiritual formation is realizing that regardless of our how far we journey, we will always be short of God’s distinct spirituality. In essence, no matter how spiritual we may be, we will never be able to earn God’s approval through our spiritual works. Only Jesus (being both God and human) is able to bridge the gap between a holy spiritual God and a broken spiritual humanity. Our relationship to God is based on faith in Jesus Christ: faith that He died and rose again. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the greatest spiritual journey ever taken, and the source of our spiritual strength.

As we review our spiritual formation each week, we must begin by reflecting on our faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection and how that enables us to draw near to God. We will explore this more in depth in the future.


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