Thoughts on Aging

So I know that I’m still considered young by most standards. However, with each passing year I take more notice of how quickly time passes and how I must redeem the time that I have on earth. In my time with God this morning, he brought me to Psalm 90, a prayer of Moses, the man of God. Moses records great insights on aging. Who better to write thoughts on life than a man who spent his first 40 years as a prince, his second 40 years as a shepherd, and his last 40 years as a prophet/priest (and arguably one of the greatest heroes of the Old Testament)?

Moses begins by acknowledging God had always been the dwelling place for His people. Truly the Lord is God to all generations. The, for the bulk of the psalm, Moses notes how God utilizes discipline and suffering. He contrasts our frailty with God’s omnipotence and concludes that our days fly away quickly under God’s wrath. Initially his assessment seems quite pessimistic, but on further reflection, it’s quite accurate. As much as we pursue happiness, peace and joy, so often life consists of struggle, toil and fleeting days. Hence Moses’ conclusion: Teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Yes, our days on earth are limited (I’ve lived half of mine already and am considered “young”). Life will soon be over, and in reality will most likely continue to be a struggle. We should not react pessimistically though. Instead, like Moses, we should ask God to show His favor to us, to reveal His works and power to our children, and to establish the works of our hands during our time here on earth. God created us to work while we live, and our work only thrives under His hand. Today I will embrace God’s strength in my life, working diligently with the time He has given me, asking Him to make my efforts profitable for His glory. This attitude (gained from Moses) enables us to thrive during our time on earth, even as we age. May we embrace God’s strength each day as we age, and as our bodies decay, may we become more like Christ Jesus who has redeemed us and given us eternal life.


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