Doing Big Things for God

So I just finished the latest issue of Christianity today which usually leaves me sort of depressed because I am overwhelmed at the number of problems in the world and the amazing things God is doing to bring the world to Him. It makes me want to move to Africa, join a mega church or do some other “awesome” thing for God. However, as I have briefly reflected on this lately, I am reaching two conclusions. The first is that it’s not about doing a great thing for God, but rather about letting Him do a great thing in me. The main problem in my life is my own sinfulness, not that I’m not doing something big for God. Naturally this is not something I want to face, or work on, but that’s the Biblical truth. The fruits of the Spirit are all about overcoming works of the flesh and about God developing His character within me, not me saving the world for Christ.
The second thing that has really hit me is the enormous opportunities before me. It’s easy to read a sob story about starving children in Africa, and think of all the money in my bank account, food in my fridge, time on my hands and think “I’ve got to go take these resources to help them!” This may be a good idea, but at the same time, it forgets the wife that needs cherished, three and half kids that need to be instructed in the faith, 11 neighbors who don’t know the Lord, an entire community in my subdivision most of whom don’t know the Lord, 10,000 people within a ten mile drive and a wonderful church of which I became pastor at midnight last night. Talk about a huge challenge! More than the Africa stuff, God has equipped and resourced me for this particular opportunity right here. Satan can distract me with what seem to be more pressing issues elsewhere, but the reality is that in 2010, God has given me a challenge that is beyond comprehension: apply the gospel to myself, my wife, my kids, my neighbors, my church and my community. If God makes that happen this year, that will be a greater accomplishment than wiping out world hunger because that will be doing what I have been called to do. Sure it’s tempting to think about doing other things, but that’s not God’s will for my life.
Lord, keep me faithful to You this year. Work in my life that I might fully die to sin and live to righteousness. Be glorified through me.


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